Jfk Assassination Conspiracy

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The truth about the JFK assassination On Friday, November 22nd in 1963 at 12:30 P.M., the 35th president of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated while he rode in an open limousine though the streets of Dallas. The official answers complied by the Warren Commission have never satisfied the majority of the world's population. According to an ABC News television poll, between 68% and 83% of the American public doubts the official government explanation of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Some haunting questions still remain. Was JFK really killed by a lone gunman firing from a book depository? Was Lee Harvey Oswald merely a convenient fall guy for a nationwide conspiracy that involved the mafia and the FBI?…show more content…
Even though the case went down in the records as an assassination, still many people believe that Oswald was not working alone, or that he was just the fall guy. A majority of the public believes the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was part of a larger conspiracy, not the act of one individual. I agree with these statements, I believe that Oswald was certainly not acting alone. Unfortunately, there was never a chance to ask questions to the suspect itself; Oswald was assassinated by Jack Ruby on November 24 1963, 2 days after the JFK assassination and all the secrets that he held have gone with him. This essay is about that theory which I personally believe is right, one which is most reliable and convincing to me. I will try to convince you of my opinion on who or what was really responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy, and I will support…show more content…
Clearly the Mafia would not have used someone as inexperienced as Oswald as an assassin, so if he was involved, it must simply have been as a patsy. Although he had been suspected for the murder of Kennedy, I don’t believe he was a part of the actual assassination. Different mafia members gathered in Dealey Plaza in Dallas were guilty for Kennedy’s death; not Oswald. He was the fall guy, fooled by the mafia and blamed for one another’s crime. But Jack Ruby, who was acquainted with the Mafia, silenced Oswald before he had the chance to tell his side of the story, before Oswald was indicted or tried. With the excuse ‘to spare Jacqueline Kennedy the trial’, he shot down Oswald and thereby the evidence against the

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