Jfk Assassination Conspiracy Theory

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JFK Assassination There are many theories regarding John F Kennedy’s assassination. Many people believe there was a conspiracy. However that is false. There is evidence showing that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in his killing of JFK. Through his motives, the Single Bullet Theory, and disproving the Grassy Knoll Theory it is shown that Lee Harvey Oswald is guilty. Lee Harvey Oswald’s actions clearly establish a motive for his behavior. At a young age Oswald was very interested in studying Marxism. While in the Marines, Lee became a outspoken supporter of Cuba and Castro. Soon after leaving the Marines, he traveled to Moscow and became a Soviet citizen. This alone is enough to send red flags to the American government. Once back in America…show more content…
There was only one shooter that day, Lee Harvey Oswald. Dale Myers’ 3-D images took 25 years to perfect. They prove that there was only one shooter coming from the Texas School Book Depository. Oswald had to have been resting his gun on boxes while waiting for the perfect time to shoot. One shot was fired, missing both men. The next shot hit JFK and also hit Texas Governor John Connally. Abraham Zapruder also had a home film of the event. By taking this film frame by frame, it clearly depicts signs that only one bullet hit both. The Grassy Knoll Theory is the theory that there was a conspiracy. That Oswald, as well as a man standing in the Grassy Knoll on the other side of the street were planning to assassinate President Kennedy. There was only one gun found, which proves there was one shooter. Also every bullet found in the Presidential car had come from the same gun, Lee’s gun. The police tapes, on which a fourth shot was heard, did not check out. The police man was not at the place that he needed to be for the shot to be heard. Thus disproving the Grassy Knoll Theory. The many theories of President Kennedy’s assassination have now been proven. Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in his actions. Through the motives, The Single Bullet Theory, and the disproof of the Grassy Knoll, Oswald is
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