To Kill A Mockingbird In Jasper Jones

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To Kill a Mockingbird in Jasper Jones By Eva Nicolaou The novel ‘Jasper Jones’ By Craig Silvey has been reviewed to be “an Australian to Kill a Mockingbird” because of the similarities between the two books. The similarities being, a mystery needing to be solved, young kids getting caught up in incidents larger then themselves and similarities of personalities of characters. One of the resemblances of the two novels is the children in the story that have to face reality sooner than they should have. In To Kill a Mockingbird the children Scout and Jem had their innocence taken away from them quickly when their pure outlook on life was destroyed when they see how much evil and injustice there is in the world when they see Tom Robinson getting wrongly punished for a crime he didn’t commit. As for Charlie in Jasper Jones, it took the event of seeing Laura Wishart’s dead body hanging from a tree to see the part of life that had been unknown to him; the part that is hidden and horrible but is always there but you just don’t want to see it. Once his naiveté has been shattered, he sees the people of Corrigan through a new perspective. Charlie explains his views on the sad reality of life, “This world isn’t right.…show more content…
But Charlie also compares himself to Atticus because of his knowledge, fairness and wisdom, he also believes that these traits may be the reasons of why Jasper Jones came to him to seek help, “He [Jasper] must have presumed me to be genuine and fair like Atticus Finch: dignified and responsible and wise” (p.18). Charlie also uses Atticus as some sort of guide to help him through situations, as in he is always thinking ‘what would Atticus Finch do?’ “I try to reason it though as Atticus Finch might “(p.143) Charlie is reflecting his actions on Atticus’s
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