Jamming on Roller Skates

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Jamming On Roller Skates: For Fun and To Stay Healthy Roller skating is a great way to stay healthy and to have fun. Several years ago I learned how to roller skate. Now I can dance on them and do special routines while staying fit. While I was enjoying my new hobby, I meet new friends and gained the physical benefits of cardio exercise. Anyone can learn how to roller skate, by learning the simple basics at their own pace, and enjoying its many health benefits. Roller skating burns hundreds of calories. If I simply skate at least 30 minutes, moving my arms and legs and maintaining a slow to moderate pace, I get a complete body workout. Because of this, I’ve been able to maintain a perfect body weight and my legs have become stronger, with improved flexibility. According to the American Heart Association (2009), roller skating is ranked among the best aerobic exercises. As a result, of roller skating at least twice a week, I’ve been able to build up my endurance, and I now feel like I have a lot more energy to do other things. I have personally been able to keep my blood pressure in a low normal range, rather than in a high normal range, and I feel great! I can’t imagine going a week without roller skating, because I enjoy it so much. I love “getting my groove on” while listening to old school, and disco music. One of my favorite moves is to smoothly maneuver on the floor, while doing one of my signature dance routines and then sliding on the floor to make a “calculated hockey stop” on eight wheels. Roller skating can be a fun activity for the entire family. I have seen both adults and children of various ages, having a really good time at the skating rinks, regardless of their skill level. Therefore, roller skating is a perfect option for anyone, who wants to stay in shape while having fun. Yes! I love it. Roller skating is a very affordable

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