Jackson/Goldwater Speech Analysis

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The two speeches I have been asked to analyze are Jesse Jackson’s The Rainbow Coalition (1984) and Barry Goldwater’s Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice (1964). Jackson’s speech was given six years before I was even born. Needless to say, I had never paid much mind to them prior to this papers prompt. Now having analyzed them closely I can see the historical significance which makes them so famous. The two have both parallels and dissimilarities. They differ on a level of political idealism and in some of the rhetoric used within. However, the call for unity and movement within their political ideals still echoes even into modern day. ` The contrasts between these speeches mainly stem from within the political backgrounds and personal convictions of the speakers. An obvious but key point is the political affiliation of the two men; Jackson being a very liberal Democrat, and Goldwater being a very conservative Republican. The two politicians also structured their speeches slightly differently. Goldwater delivered in his typical stern fashion, raising his tone for emphasis, and pausing when most effective. Very well spoken to be true, and unrelenting in his conservative ideals, as is displayed with the famous quip from which the speech is titled. Ultimately it was Goldwater’s staunch and firm position as an extreme right conservative that would alienate himself from voters. Jackson’s speech was different in his delivery. There was much more emotion that you could hear in his tonal changes and his facial expressions. He too made clear his far left plans for political change, but his approach to his audience was slightly more humble, even asking for forgiveness of any low points he may have reached. He certainly strove to mend any damage that had been done during his and his other democratic contender’s campaigns. In spite of the polar opposite stances
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