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Argumentative Essay January 1, 2011 Argumentative Essay Comparison Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “A Letter From Birmingham Jail” and Henry Thoreau’s essay “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience” describe the situation that lead them to imprisonment for disobeying laws. According to his essay, Martin Luther King Jr. was imprisoned because he was parading without a permit. King discusses when should unjust laws be violated by the people. Another subject that King emphasizes on is the racial injustices that are taking place in the country during that time. Both King and Thoreau discuss civil disobedience and when it is just to break unfair laws. Another topic they discussed is the merit of authority, and how they were disappointed by the action the majority takes towards certain issues. Henry Thoreau mostly emphasizes on how civil disobedience is important because he believes that governments should consider everybody's opinions. Both have the same common logic, but they express their views in a completely different manner. King uses better emotional appeals so that his audience feels compelled to his cause, King also uses figurative language to create a powerful tone that provides his essay with a meaningful effect; while Thoreau uses more ethos and common logic. Martin Luther King Jr.’s essay is more effective than Thoreau’s essay because King uses better argumentative devices, shares common ground with his audience, acknowledges his opposition, and clearly states his point of view; whereas, Thoreau gives his opinion in an unclear way, and expresses himself in a rather rustic manner. In Martin Luther King, Jr.’s letter “Letter From Birmingham Jail” he clearly specifies his audience with the major point of his arguments, unlike Thoreau where in his essay his switches his main opinion throughout the whole essay. In his essay King, justifies civil disobedience and
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