Homogenity In Brave New World

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The tyranny of homogeneity In the novel Brave New World, Adolius Huxley predicts a dystopia in which all humans are exactly the same and individuality and independence of thought are absent. Huxley likens the people inhabiting this world to robots produced by a mass assembly line . Basically, it is the typical image of a homogenous world. This world is broken. This kind of a world is dangerous. Homogenity of thought inevitably leads to polarisation of society. Fast forward to present day reality. In this age of social media, where there is a huge inflow of information and online groups emerging everyday, most of us only engage in discussion forums that promote ideas we like. All we do there is add encouraging words or nod in agreement.…show more content…
It seems that when it comes to political matters, even the academia prefers to keep itself in a shell. Most universities in America tend to be liberal by default, and usually treat conservative opinions with disdain, as Miles Unterreiner points out in the case of Stanford. Sometimes, this carries itself to extremes, like how recently an anti Israel protest in Berkeley morphed into an anti- semitic demonstration. This is a clear example of how dangerous it can be to become slaves of your ideals, no matter how righteous you believe the cause to…show more content…
In fact, Lehner observes, groups in which a sense of false consensus prevails have a lower quality of efficiency than in groups where criticism of ideas is encouraged. The bottomline is that we need to have an intellectual balance in society. Universities should take the lead in promoting this trend. Having traditionally been known as centers of knowledge and laboratories of new ideas, It is time universities took the rediscovered the spirit of debate. Armed with vast resources of information, and brimming with some of the most brilliant minds in the world, universities certainly have ample potential to be at the forefront of heralding this change in society. An effort should certainly be made to promote an argumentative culture within the academia. It might make sense to make it compulsory to have classes in which students are asked to present opposing takes on various issues.As Unterreiner says,students need to have the medicine of contrary ideological views forced down their throats to cure the ailment of ideological

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