Iwo Jim War In The Pacific

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War in the Pacific When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, they crippled the United States’ Naval forces leaving eight battleships burning in the harbor. Japan thought this maneuver would cripple the U.S.and that America would negotiate a settlement and allow Japan to control all of Asia. Immediately after this event is when America regrouped and waged full-fledged war in the Pacific. Initially U.S troops in the Pacific suffered through many losses in the early months on the Pacific Theater, but they were always able to regroup due to their vast amount of resources. Battle of the Coral Sea & Midway The battle of the Coral Sea was fought in mid-1942. As the Japanese controlled a larger area of the sea than did the Allied forces, they decided to plan several attacks on U.S. ships. This time however, the U.S. was able to decipher codes sent through Japanese communication methods and was able to react a lot faster than Pearl Harbor. While the Japanese were eventually successful in sinking one and severely damaging another U.S. ship, it proved costly to them as the U.S. sunk one of their aircraft carriers and severely damaged another. Losses were worse for the U.S. but it proved to be costly for the Japanese as the U.S. fleet could recover and they could not.…show more content…
Iwo Jima was an extremely small island between the mainland and the Mariana Islands. U.S commanders wanted the island captured to use the airfields on the islands to carry out other attacks. The Japanese were ready for the attack and transformed the battlefield into a network of tunnels hiding themselves from U.S soldiers. The Japanese baited the U.S. forces by hiding underground, before bombarding the U.S. with machine gun fire. 30,000 soldiers landed on the island of Iwo Jima and 6,800 were killed during the fighting and over 20,000 were injured, but the U.S. forces claimed victory on March 26th
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