It 301 Unit 10

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Audit Summary IT301: Project Management I – Unit 10 Taylor Horwood 5/4/2014 There are many good/best practices being implemented in the Gauchito project and they are: * The Executive Summary. * Change Request Forms. * Major Milestones. * WBS at Track Level. * WBS Milestone Gantt. * WBS w/Resources Leveled. * Network Diagram. * Cost Management Reports. * Project Quality Control Sign off Sheets. * Project Quality Audit Review. * All Communication tools and media used. * Risk Register * Probability Impact Matrix. * Benchmark Chart. * The Project Charter. * All Product Descriptions. * Preliminary and detailed Scope Statement. * Cost Rollup Estimate. * Schedule Dates Start and Finish. * Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM). * Performance Measurement Baseline. * Constraints/Assumptions. * Construction Plan. I mention this list of good practices because in order for the Gauchito project to be a success a quality audit must be structured to determine whether project activities comply with organizational and project policies, processes, and procedures. Every project has gaps/shortcomings and the Gauchito project’s gaps/shortcomings are: * The Tasks do not match with each deliverable. * The Sub-Tasks are not fully decomposed. * The Work Packages are not accurate and controllable. * The Team members are not correctly matched to deliverables/work packages. * The Staffing cannot be correlated to a Resource Allocation Matrix/Cross-Impact Matrix or Resource Pool. * The Assumptions are not external circumstances or events that must occur for the project to be successful. * The Staffing Management Plan does not enter preliminary assignments into the project scheduling tool, no map or calendar. * The Staffing Management Plan does not provide

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