Project Officer/Coordinator for Manage Project Human Resources

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Project Officer/Coordinator Job Description Manage Project Human Resources - Project 1 • You have been asked to recruit a project officer/ coordinator to work on your project team. Using the information provided regarding the role of project manager, draw up an advertisement or job description for the role. Upload your answer for assessment. POSITION PROFILE: This position is funded by the Commonwealth Structural Adjustment Funds for the transformation of xyz. This position will be required to work collaboratively across the D.IVTAE under the direct supervision of the xyz. REFLECT AND PROMOTE UNIVERSITY VALUES:  Embody the university’s values of engagement  Commitment to developing strong relationship’s and partnerships  Be fair, respect and engage all stakeholders  Focus on goals and outcomes and advocate continuous improvement  Promote openness and consistency in processes and decision making POSITION DETAILS Position Title: Project Officer Classification: A03 Position Number: Branch: Reports to: Division: Location: KEYFUNCTIONS The project officer is responsible for: • Assist and Support the project manager in planning, tracking and managing the project • Assist and Support the project manager in identifying key resources and meeting the project objectives • Assist and Support the project manager throughout the life of the project. ROLES AND RESPONSIBLITIES •Project management of specific projects as directed. •Establishing and fostering communication channels with internal stakeholders. •Management of change relating to the delivery of project outcomes. •Assisting in the development project management methodology. •Monitoring and coordination of project resources. •IT project governance and process responsibilities. •Administration of Project Management system / application. •Project tracking.

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