Issues Affecting The Economy In The United States

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Melvin Tyus Jr. 8-25-12 4th Period Essay To me the most important issue in this upcoming election is without question, the economy. Everyone knows this economy is a disaster, and that we are in as worse shape than Europe is in right now. Both Obama and Romney will declare war with Iran. It really doesn’t matter what they do, the economy is going to suck bad. Dealing with a bad economy is a tough job to handle, regardless who the person or persons is. There is a gap between the rich, average, and the people who are having really hard times in this lifetime. Some of the most important issues that are affecting the economy are air, water, and land pollution. Economy simply means the struggles us as people have daily. By us struggling daily more and more people are losing their job, which…show more content…
It can hurt animals and people just alike. But it doesn’t just hurt people and animals; it can also affect communities that will take years and years to get cleaned up and straightened out. There are many causes of water pollution. One cause is from animal waste which eventually finds its way to some type of water, whether it’s a pond, stream, river, lake or ocean. Many people say the economic situation hasn’t changed much within the last year. Economic problems are a common feature all around the world these days. Without a doubt there isn’t hardly any household owner or business owner that can say they haven’t been affected by the economy slump. Because our expenses outweigh our income, this causes us to have a very poor economy. In conclusion to this very bad economy rate, this will be the worst issue of them all for the upcoming presidential election of 2012. This economy is worsening every day, and even though I am a democratic person, it really doesn’t matter whether Obama gets re- elected as president or Romney, it will take one heck of a man to settle this economic
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