Ise201 Chapter 8 Summary

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ISE201 Chapter 8 Homework Key Terms User Account Control (UAC) – primarily a set of policies to reduce the exposure and attack surface of windows by requiring that all users run in standard user mode unless it is necessary to do otherwise. Principle of least privilege – requires each subject in a system be granted the most restrictive set of privileges needed for the performance of authorized tasks Consent User Interface (Consent UI) – used in reference to user account control. The collection of user interfaces that requests elevation form users to complete tasks Secure Desktop – part of UAC. A desktop that windows uses to alter the user interface to protect against malware fooling users into selecting and option that they do not…show more content…
The extent to which the user does not notice that a file is encrypted. BitLocker – a system in window vista by which entire hard drive volumes can be encrypted Trusted Platform Module (TPM) – hardware component used to store cryptographic information, such as encryption keys, and to perform other security duties Certificate autoenrollment – feature of windows server 2003, enterprise edition that automatically uses the existing certificate to sign a renewal request for a new certificate before the existing certificate

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