Is Winston Smith a Lose (1984)

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Winston Smith Is Winston Smith a loser? YES/NO? Please use the information below and your knowledge of the novel to write approximately 400 words in response to this question. In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, the protagonist, Winston Smith, has the characteristics of a loser. However, this is justified by the society he lives in. Winston has no friends if he can help it, and avoids anyone who attempts to be friendly or talk with him, because of his constant caution of the thoughtpolice. He is also a physical wreck, and his health constantly gives him pain. However, his anti-social behaviour and his physical condition can both be thanks to the society and the party governing Oceania. Winston avoids any form of social interaction, making him unpopular amongst his “comrades.” He attempts to keep clear of anybody who talks to him. He’s sees himself as a class above the rest in terms of knowledge, and believes that his ‘comrades’ such as Parsons, who attempts to talk to Winston, as a complete idiot. Winston lacks a social life, Orwell writes , “Winston’s greatest pleasure in life was his work.” Although he does have some enjoyment in life, he clearly has no contention to make any friends. Winston can be labelled as a “loser” because of his failure to enjoy others company other than those who become close to him such as Julia. Winston’s condition, health wise, is also poor. He smokes, he drinks, and has an ulcer on his leg. Orwell writes, “I’m thirty-nine years old. I’ve got a wife that I can’t get rid of. I’ve got varicose veins. I’ve got five false teeth.” Winston even believes himself, that he is a loser, however it seems he makes no attempt to change his lifestyle, he continues smoking cheap victory cigarettes and drinking victory gin. Winston has a low self-esteem and sees himself in the mirror as, “a smallish, frail figure, the meagreness of his body merely
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