Is Brutus a Hero Essay

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s Brutus the hero or villain of the play? To be precise, the question is not if Brutus was good or bad but rather is the place hero or villain better for him. It’s a mixed opinion but the majority of people will have to agree the Brutus is indeed the tragic hero of the play. Sure Mark Antony is the first obvious answer but Brutus has done things that even though might be unforgivable, if people were to closely examine his actions more carefully then indeed, Brutus is the hero of the play and this can be proven. Brutus is a loving character that over the play is well known by everybody and his love and caring trait is known through the following quote: “O, he sits high in all the people’s hearts; / and that which would appear offence in us, / his countenance, like richest alchemy, / will change to virtue and to worthiness.” (I, iii; 157-160) In this scene, Caska wants Brutus to be in the conspiracy as he complements him because Brutus was well known and definitely a great leader. Brutus also has a deep respect with his wife and didn’t worry about himself first. “Portia what mean you? Wherefore rise you now? / It is not for your health, thus to commit / your weak condition to the raw cold morning.” (II, i; 234-236) Brutus is a loving character through this quote because normally in that time, women weren’t as well recognized as now but Brutus really cares ad loves his wife. Another one of Brutus’s characteristics/actions that make him as the hero of the play is that when he initially he wants to join the conspiracy, he has a different reason to kill

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