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The first few chapters state how prosperous the mountain climbing business is due to the sky-high (no pun intended) cost that mountain guides charge their clients. The main guide in the novel Into Thin Air is a man named Rob Hall and he makes a fine living by charging $65,000 per person to climb Mount Everest. This is clearly a great deal of money so he had better treat and protect his clients extremely well or else his reviews would dive. The kind of people that pay for this trip have to be people that obviously have no problem throwing their money away, nor do they seem to mind the high chance that they will throw their life away in attempting to summit this grand mountain. I figure Rob Hall spends a lot of his paycheck paying off his own hospital bills because of his various ailments he receives from climbing a snow-covered mountain his entire life. I detest cold weather so there is no way I would pay anybody $65,000 to freeze my tail off and physically push myself to the extreme at the same time. Chapter 4-5 Chapters 4-5 explain how the mountain climbing business has caused the surrounding villages to greatly profit. Krakauer describes how he will see the local Sherpas wearing merchandise and t-shirts with professional American athletic team logos. The men of the villages are acclimatized to the harsh conditions so they prove to be perfect assistants in the mountain climbing process. I feel like this opportunity can really turn that area around given that, when the story was written, yaks were and still might be their only source of transportation. With the mountain climbing industry booming, these underprivileged natives could provide much help and profit from the $65,000 trip fee. Chapter 6-8 A re-occurring theme in chapters 6-8 was the sight of dead bodies, lying in the snow. Who knows how long they had been there? If I were Krakauer, I

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