Toughest Indian in the world

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This essay is the story about a native American, Spokane tribe, who has left his home to live a regular life as many as American people. The kind who pay their bills, hold down jobs, fall in and out of love. The native American is a journalist, a reporter for a local newspaper . As grew up, he was taught by his father about how dangerous white peoples are, and he could feel his father’s racist against white people. Because the father believe that if the white smell the hope inside them, they would shoot them in the heart. Therefore, his father is always pickup Indian hitchhiker no matter how many of them, but for white people he would wrote by without comment. The native Indian, instead, dated a white lady, and in fact he has worked with white people for long time, but he knew how to keep distant with them. One day on the way to his job, he pick up an Indian hitchhiker who turns out to be a tough Indian fighter. The hitchhiker look tough with his appearance, muscle under blue jean and jacket, looking to take on the toughest Indian in the world. They’re sharing the pops, deer jerky, and story on the road and at night they share the room, and the Spokane Indian is having his first homosexual sex with the Lummi tough fighter even though he’s not gay. The significance of salmon in this essay is the hope of the native Indian who believes in having a peaceful life in their original land. The Land that original belongs to Indian long before the white people came over and took it. The story is reveal of three different attitude toward the toughest, the image of the toughest in the Lummi fighter is showing through his appearance image, his look, his muscles. The next toughest is showing through another Indian fighter who fought against the Lummi fighter, he refuses to go down, his physically couldn’t fight more but his emotionally still fight. I like the author,

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