Positive And Negative Decisions In Eric Le Marque's Crystal Clear

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The Impact of Positive and Negative Decisions “Choice not chance determines destiny.” This quote can be very contradicting. In the novel Crystal Clear by Eric Le Marque he is faced with challenges that would later determine his future. Eric was an Olympian who battled a drug addiction. He would later find out that this addiction was affecting his ability to make good choices. Eric was faced with the greatest challenge of his life, to survive on Mammoth Mountain. He spent eight days fighting for his life because he got caught in the middle of a snow storm while snowboarding and didn’t bring enough supplies. Eric made many positive and negative decisions throughout his life that had a great impact of his future. In the beginning of the book Eric describes his life before the accident on the mountain. He was deprived of a childhood because his hockey career started as soon as he turned nine. Eric was doing something he loved and something he was good at. In his life he made many positive decisions such as using his iPod for helicopters to track him and going to church while he was recovering to get his life back together. The climax of the novel was when he dumped the rest of his cocaine in a ravine up on the mountain.…show more content…
It has a very powerful meaning behind it, to not take anything for granted because we are lucky to be blessed with what we have. The choices we make can determine our future. Eric had to learn the hard way that life is a precious and unpredictable. He thought surviving on top of the mountain was his greatest challenge, until he realized he was going to be living the rest of his life without his legs. The main message of the book is to live life to the fullest and think before you act. Overall I really enjoyed this inspiring novel and I have learned many life lessons based on Eric Le Marque’s

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