Interpersonal Conflict in Film Essay

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Running head: INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT IN FILM Interpersonal Conflict In Film Sylvia Fonseca COM 200 Prof. Katie Decker April 30,2012 INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT IN FILM Interpersonal Conflict In Film In any type of relationship there is conflict. It is inevitable really as the needs of more than one person must be met to have a copasetic or symbiotic relationship. Whether the interpersonal conflict is constructive or destructive, the key to its resolution is in how the conflict is managed and the amelioration each party receives from it. That is easier said than done though. Self-awareness means that you must recognize and take responsibility for your perceptions, interpretations, feelings, and desires. Differentiation means that you separate yourself from the patterns of the family and do not take responsibility for other people's feelings, perceptions, interpretations, and desires. (Kathy Sole) We tend to forget the foundation of trust and respect when failing to communicate. Watching interpersonal conflict play out in film is a great way to empathize with a character that is or characters that are going through a similar conflict experienced by the films viewer. This viewer can take note of the outcome from the decision the character(s) made in this similar instance. If the viewer had taken a negative route this film can provide an alternative to redirect his behavior and focus on the situation. INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT IN FILM In the film American Beauty, the viewer is shown what the question of beauty always begs to answer with a wry outlook. Is beauty only held in the outward appearance? Is it what is just below the surface- skeletons in the closet or the dysfunctional occurrence in relationships? The question is put to the test with the dysfunctional relationships for which this film

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