Interpersonal Conflict in Film

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Interpersonal Conflict in Film COM 200 Instructor Al Wilfong June 27, 2011 Interpersonal Conflict in Film I watched this movie called Hitch. It was a great movie. I laughed and I cried. I observed many interpersonal conflicts within the film itself. I have identified an interpersonal conflict that stands out strong for me. It was self-disclosure or the lack thereof between Alex and Sarah. It created a conflict, and a trust issue. This scenario could have been handled in a totally different way. As individuals disclose information about themselves the hope is they will not be judged or looked at differently. Our text explains that “when you self-disclose, others have personal information about you. Perhaps they will judge you negatively or think less of you because of what you have told them” (Sole, 2011). Alex has a clear understanding of what self-disclosure is. In Alex and Sarah’s first encounter they exchanged simple information. Sarah asked Alex what he did for work, but he was not forth-coming with the truth about his job because he didn’t want Sarah to think he was doing to her what he was doing for his clients. Alex feared that disclosing that information to Sarah would not benefit him at the moment because he really was attracted to Sarah. After that initial meeting with Sarah he had a number of opportunities to disclose the truth about his work, but he chose not to. Alex continued to side-step the issue of his real work. He was trying to avoid this conflict with Sarah, but the issue of lack of self-disclosure is creating a trust issue and a conflict within the relationship. Improper self-disclosure can create conflicts in a relationship, and it creates trust issues. Our text tells us that “the process of developing and deepening a relationship requires reciprocal and appropriate self-disclosure and the development of mutual

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