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Innocence V. Knowledge Of Wealth In The Deserted V Essay

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  • on December 9, 2010
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Oliver Goldsmith presents a poem explaining the negative effect of a nation’s financial growth as it evolves from a rural state of solitary life to a more urban way of life. This urban way of life seems to desert the “lovely bowers of innocence and ease” as the “business of destruction” becomes a way of life. (5, 396) This transformation is depicted as the once blissful village of Auburn, “the most loveliest village of the plain,” now has a depressed and deserted appearance.   As Goldsmith explains the beauty and life of a village that appears to have once been his home, he uses contrasting imagery of words such as “ruiened ground,” country brown” (78). The contrast used by Goldsmith to highlight the difference between the way the village of Auburn was in an age of “innocence and ease,” and the melancholy way it currently is due to a growing hunger for wealth is representing a downfall of a generation based on rural bliss. (5)
This village of Auburn is first depicted as “green” and charming village with “humble happiness delayed endure[ing] each scene.”(9) In fact the depiction of Auburn is serene because it appears that the days of spring come early explaining, “smiling spring, its earliest visit pays.”(3) While on the other hand, summer stays even longer so that the lush greenery it brings will last, “parting summer’s lingering blooms.”(4) The references to things such as “spring,” “cultivation,” a “spreading tree,” and a “never failing brook” all instill imagery of life, and even the growing of new life. (3,10,18,11) This resembles the continuation of life and the constant renewal of nature in the village.   The continuation of life is supported by the description of the villager’s day-to-day life. From “the busy mill” and their “cultivated farm,” to the “decent church,” and “succeeding sports,” Auburn seem to be full of life. (10,11, 12, 24) Also, the continuation of human life is described throughout the first passage depicting Auburn as it once was. For...

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