Similarities Between Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain in “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain and Guinevere are at a New Year’s celebration in Arthur’s court where Gawain sees himself as the least of Arthur’s knights in terms of both physical prowess and mental ability. Gawain sees himself pretty much as a useless knight in Arthur’s court. He is Arthur’s nephew and also one of Camelot’s famous knights to test his ambition. I believe that Gawain is in this piece of literature because he is a character who shows us softness to improve self worth, reputation, shame, virtue and more. In the second part of the poem, Gawain’s reputation becomes widespread because of his affair with a married woman. Gawain believes that having public reputation is as important as what he thinks of himself and that is why he wears the green girdle as a sign of shame because he also believes that sins should be as visible as virtues. Gawain was put in this poem for several reasons.…show more content…
He does by not refusing, to back out of the Green Knight’s terms where Gawain is putting his own life in harms way. The Green Knight comes into Arthur’s court while they are celebrating New Year’s and challenges them to try and strike him with his own axe, Arthur who is confused steps forward but Gawain stops him, and accepts the challenge for himself. One blow of the axe, Gawain cuts of the knights head, but he is tricked for the Green Knight is a supernatural being so the Green Knight doesn’t die, instead he tells Gawain to seek him out in a year to do the same thing, but this time Gawain would receive the hit instead. This leaves Gawain feeling uneasy and fearful, but through perseverance and his personal integrity he is able to conquer his fears in his quest for the Green
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