Persuasive Essay On Immigration In America

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Immigration in America: The Heated Debate A melting pot of cultures and ethnic groups, the United States of America has always been a safe haven, a land of opportunity, and a chance at a new beginning. It is the “country one came to in order to escape from one’s father, both literally and figuratively. It was the country where one put aside the heavy lumber of inherited identity and tradition and was freed to begin again.” (McClay, 579) However, America is no longer in the same place it was twenty-years ago, we are facing yet another recession and feeling a drain on our economic resources. How long are we suppose to continue accepting the rest of the world’s down trodden and needy? When do we finally declare it…show more content…
By blatantly disregarding both the local and federal laws, illegal immigrants eliminate benefits such as jobs, schooling, and public services away from those of us who were born here or have gained these rights legally. ‘Immigrants and their children also account for nearly two thirds of the increase in the population lacking significant if any health care. This creates significant cost for taxpayers and it drives up the costs for insured Americans as providers pass along the costs of the treatment of those who are uninsured to paying customers” (Canarota, 561) Hospital administrators are pushing the legislation to help reimburse hospitals for the emergency care of these immigrants, providing them with $1.18 billion dollars a year. Today there is an increase in the population of school age children. This means more crowding and less supplies and resources for the students. Those who are pro immigration say that we’ve accepted immigrants with children before and barely had any problems what is so different about today’s

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