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The Constitution An Informative Essay By Jessica Vesey Composition I In order to fully understand the United States government we must break down the Constitutional history. In the early 1600’s are founding fathers were on the verge of achieving something that would govern our country for centuries to come. In June 1776 the Continental Congress made up at that time of 13 colonies appointed a Committee of five men to draft a document which was named the Declaration of Independence. The text of the Declaration gave a detailed list of grievances against King George III including such items as taxation without representation, maintaining a standing army in peacetime, dissolving houses of representatives, and hiring “large armies of foreign mercenaries.”A resolution of independence passed the Philadelphia Convention on July 2, 1776 this was all that was needed to break away from Britain. The Colonist had been fighting Great Britain for 14 months while proclaiming their allegiance to the crown. Now that they were breaking away the colonies wanted to make it clear exactly why they have decided this…show more content…
Popular Sovereignty is the principle that states that the source of government power lies with the people. This was with the belief and idea that government should be a benefit to its citizens. Limited government is another principle that states that since the people give government its power, government itself is limited to the power given to it by them i.e. The People. Thus meaning congress may not create power but must follow its own laws given to it by its people. Another principle is separation of powers as stated earlier the US government is divided into three branches so that no one branch has all the power. Each branch has its own purpose: to make the laws, execute the laws and to interpret the

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