Democracy Gone Wrong: Democracy In The United States

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Democracy Gone Wrong Democracy can be defined as a system of government by a whole population or all eligible members of a state typically through elected representatives, where as republic can be defined as a state in which supreme power is held by people and their elected representatives and which has an elected or nominated president. Although the founding fathers did not work within a democratic framework the only way the Constitution would pass was because it had to be democratic. The Constitution was made to form a stronger central government, but they didn’t want to represent the common peoples, and did not constitute individual rights. In forming a strong central government, the people wanted to revise the Articles of Confederation…show more content…
For example, not many of them had the right to vote. Young states, “Give the right to vote to people who have no property and they will sell them to the rich who will be able to buy them,” meaning they were not given what they should have already been able to do. This compromise left the door open to universal white male voting (Young 11). The common people had no way of showing who they were. The Constitution had some borderline issues within it, for example, the qualifications of voters and citizenship for example (Roche 812). The Constitution had to accommodate for the people who felt overlooked and not equal. For instance, the Three Fifths compromise showed absolutely no equality to African Americans. African Americans would be both counted as representation three fifths of a person and taxation. Another is the Electoral College which only gave states a minimal of three electoral votes. The bigger states got acceptance of the principle of proportional power and the people could be involved in the choice of the candidate (Roche 810). Representation of the common people was important because it showed they felt they were a part of the Constitution and what it stood for. Madison states, however small a republic may be, the representatives must be raised to a certain number and the larger the republic maybe the fewer and limited the number may
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