Importance Of Judicial Branch

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Judicial Branch Independency The United States Government is made up of three branches, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial. Each branch has its own specific job, and within this job is a checks and balance system that is managed coequally with the other two branches. The reason we have a judicial branch of government is to explain the laws of the country under the constitution, review laws, and decides cases involving states’ rights. When learning about the judiciary a good question to ask is, why is it so important that the judiciary branch independent from the others? The most significant reason for the independence of this branch was established by our founding fathers. They wanted to shield the judges from electoral and political pressures; therefore, they serve life tenures. The only way a judge can be removed from office is to retire, die, or be impeached by Senate. This reason pertains to why they were shielded from the pressures; if the judges were more consumed with pleasing the people rather than their moral values, the reason why they were appointed rather than being elected would defeat the purpose. Another reason for having an independent judiciary was that they were separate from the Executive and Legislative braches. Each branch deals with different subjects and is headed by different people. What these…show more content…
If the Supreme Court judges were to be elected and corrupted by the public then nothing about them would be “supreme”. These elite people are where they are because of their morals and value. The precise reason as to why they have been appointed rather than made run an election. The Supreme Court Justices are not chosen by the people of America but by the President of the United States. Our founding fathers knew what kind of world this world was going to become and therefore made this decision to protect the well being of our
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