Influence of the Internet Essay

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The Internet’s Influences I still remember my first desktop computer. It was a Compaq Presario 4540 with a 56k modem, CD-Rom and floppy drive. My mom brought it home one night and I was extremely happy and excited since I was one of the last ones among my friends to get a desktop computer. After negotiating with my mom, we agreed to call NetZero, an inexpensive Internet Service Provider that uses dial-up connection, to register for an account so that I can start surfing the Web. Also, I could not wait until I can start chatting with friends on the then most popular chat program, AOL Instant Messenger. “What should I use as my screen name?” was the only question on my mind the next day while I was in school, impatiently waiting for the day to end so I can rush home to start learning all the things I can do on the new desktop and online. 15 years later, I am using high-speed cable Internet, and connected wirelessly on my Apple MacBook Pro that I purchased a year and a half ago. After the Compaq computer, I went through a Dell desktop, and a Gateway laptop before joining the MacBook bandwagon. Thinking back, I have been using the Internet every day for the past 15 years, and I cannot recall a day without using it whether its on the laptop or with my phone. The Internet has become such an essential part of our lives. The list of reasons on how the Internet has benefited us is endless but when we really consider its affect on us, there are many costs at stake. With its powerful capabilities to be able to change our social life completely, it is playing a role on how we think, read and learn in a way that diminishes our actual ability. Does the Internet make you feel more or less connected? Dave Pell, a blogger for over ten years, shares with us his thoughts on his connectedness with his online friends, offline friends, and himself. NPR posted his entry on their
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