Influence of the Black Death

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Doliver Woo Part 2, Paper, “The bubonic plague is the most significant disease in western civilization.” October 7, 2014 (T) The black death has been the single most significant disease in human history and it’s effects have shaped many aspects of the modern world we live in today. (A)First off, the decrease in population, due to the bubonic plague, is unparalleled by any factor in ever recorded in western civilization. (B) Second, people who lived around this disease became so familiar with death, that the artwork of that era became dark and macabre. (C) Finally, the the effects from the black plague made such a remarkable impact on society, that the effects are still seen today. (T) Overall, this disease is unlike any other in the way it has continued to have influence on human civilization for hundreds of years. (A) By itself, the decrease in population caused by the black death forever changed the face of western civilization. (A1) First of all, the population would not recover from it’s estimated loss of twenty million people, for over 150 years. (A2) Also, In terms of carnage, no other war has ever come close to causing as much devastation as the plague. (A3) However, the most critical effect on the population is that places started to de-urbanize due to the fact, the disease spread profusely in heavily populated areas. (A) The consequences of one third of population dying out, were still being felt for generations after the disease struck. (B)The devastation caused by the black plague was so severe, it even caused the culture of western civilization to be re-shaped. (B1)The black plague made people so desperate, they began to accept flagellants, which conflicted directly with the church. (B2) Because death became so familiar with people, a fascination with death can be seen in such artwork of the time like, The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse and

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