Consequences of the Columbian Exchange

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Thesis Statement: Many diseases were transferred from the old world to the new world and so on. Europeans were more exposed to these illnesses but also had cures created over the years. Indians had never been around such illnesses and were much more susceptible to it. Write Your Essay There were many severe and deadly consequences of the Columbian Exchange. Death was rampant at this time. Diseases such as smallpox, measles, malaria, influenza, and yellow fever were transferred from the old wold to The Europeans had been exposed to these sicknesses before and had different cures and ways of fighting it. But when the Indians caught wind of these illnesses they were devastated by the effects. There tribes were very susceptible, through the air and through touch. They were a more isolated human, so when the Europeans came and took over there immune systems were not at all prepared to face and fight back al;l the diseases that came there way. The European diseases were communicable and that therefore caused these illnesses to move faster and to cause death tolls to rise even faster than ever before. In some cases Indians were infected severely before even coming into direct association with the Europeans. The one disease that really got the Indians by the neck was smallpox. This disease killed tens of thousands of Indians in the New World. Syphilis was the most deadly disease for the Europeans. This was a disease that was transmitted sexually. This was most common with sailors who went long periods of time without women. So once they touched down on land they would contract this disease. This still happens even today, with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. People are just so careless sometimes. This disease has ruined many peoples lives from the sixteenth century all the way to the twenty-first

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