Influence of Foriegn and Domestic Affairs on the Two Party System of 1970's

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In the act of politics, almost anything can influence the structure of a piece of government, including the makeup of political parties. In the case of the 1970’s, the effects of domestic and foreign affairs greatly impacted the uniform of American Politics. Of the domestic affairs, Hamilton’s financial plan, the Whiskey Rebellion, and the Alien and Sedition acts that most greatly impacted politics in the 1790’s. As America gained its freedom form Great Britain, it was soon evident Americas’ credit was remotely non-existent. Alexander Hamilton stepped up in this crisis and put together a financial plan. His idea was to have the federal government pay for all national debt and assume the debt that each individual state had built up as well. In this idea, the national government of the United Sates owed approximately $75 million. Hamilton saw this to be outrageous but gained the partnership with Thomas Jefferson to pass the financial plan through congress. After a lot of debating, Hamilton’s plan was carried out and passed in 1790. As a result of said plan, the excess money had to come from somewhere so the solution was to impose tariffs, or a tax imposed on imports and exports, and as a result people came to an outrage. In 1791, a tax was placed on whiskey. This task hurt many farmers, who depended on the income that the whisky each individual produced brought him or her, in order to make a living. Along with this, the idea of The Bank of The United states was still a big debate. Hamilton came up with the idea of a National Bank, Modeled after England. The purpose of a National Bank was access of the federal government to deposit money and allow federal funds to flow smoothly. In hopes of this boosting the economy, then bank would lend money out to citizens as well as print paper money, allowing the US to only use one form of currency rather than different
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