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Infection Control – IC01 and IC02 1. Describe what are the employees and employer responsibilities regarding infection control. Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1992) requires employers to assess the risk to their employees’ health and to put in place control measures. In relation to infection control, it is the employer’s responsibilities to ensure that staff is protected from exposure to infectious hazards through the provision of safe systems of work, these includes Employers must ensure that policies relating to infection control are reviewed and update annually To provide resources to effect the general principles of infection control and minimise the risk. To ensure that systems are in place to prevent staff from choosing whom they will or will not care for. Ensure that all staff carries out Best practice in relation to infection control Ensure that all new members of staff have received adequate supervised induction and practical training in the health and safety requirements, including infection control procedures Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hand washing facilities Systems for the safe disposal of waste Employee responsibilities Employee must work safely in accordance with their training and instructions given to them. Employees must also notify the employer or the person responsible for health and safety of any serious or immediate danger to health and safety or any shortcoming in health and safety Employees must cooperate with their employers in the action taken to comply with the Act or Regulations. In particular, they should use or apply control measures as required and should cooperate with assessments, training programs and other action taken to protect health and safety. Employees who become aware of any situation or incident that could be a

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