In Search Of Our Mothers Garden Analysis

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The Lack of African American artists Model Why does one writer use the work of someone else? That is the overall question on which I will answer in this writing. In their work, They say/ I Say, Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein talk about how writing is the ability to engage with the thought of others. They call writers to express their ideas, especially as a response to someone else’s ideas. “Writing well means engaging the voices of others and letting them in turn engage us.” (TS/IS 111)They are asked to enter into a conversation with others. To follow that advice, Graff and Birkenstein encourage writers to include someone else’s thought in their text. They explain how supporting your ideas by using someone else’s work make it stronger and give a stronger amount of credibility to your writing; it is evidence that your work is accurate and fair. To develop this subject; I am using Alice walker’s essay, “In Search of Our Mothers’ Garden”. She talks about the lack of African American “artist model” those who died with their gifts “stifled with them”. In her essay, Walker uses historical event as other writers’ works. Alice walker is an African, American writer and poet. She wrote: “Activism is the rent I pay for living on the planet.” She is known for her work on: In search of Our Mothers’ Garden and The Color Purple. As I said early, the first part of Walker’s book talks about the lack of African American artist model specifically among writers. When becoming a writer, Alice walker found out that she was missing black artist models with whom she could relate and imitate. Going through history she puzzled out black women history. Known as “mule of the word”, because they were…show more content…
But she also incorporates others writers’ works to give accuracy to her own voice, to share common ideas and expanding them, or even to borrow a key term. The essay starts with a quote from Jean
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