Importance Of Socrates According To Crito

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CRITO Crito informs Socrates that he is there this early beacause he feels that Socrates' execution is happening soon. Crito wants Socrates to escape for many different reasons. After listening to Crit, Socrates does not seem concerned at all. Socrates does not agree with Crito and he says that “it really would be tiresome for a man of my age to get upset if the time has come when he must die” (43c). Some of the reasons Crito gave Socrates so he would escape before his execution were: Crito will look bad as a friend if Socrates is put to death (44b). Practical matters are not a problem, shelter and resources will be provided (44e-45c). Putting Socrate in jail was a wrongful action so for Socrates to remain in prison is a wrongful action…show more content…
The significance of this analogy is to convey that one must only listen to the ones with more knowledge. Socrates thinks that wrongdoing damages the soul and that cirtue benefits the soul. According to Socrates our soul is more important than our body. Socrates thinks our soul is the most important thing because it is what we are and it will continue on after our bodies die. Socrates says that "one must never willingly do wrong" because wrongdoings damage the soul. I agree with Socrates beccause no matter what you should never return a wrongdoing with a wrongdoing. He uses a anti-retaliation principle and even though most people dont believe in retaliation, I do believe in it. Socrates wants to say that escaping from prison would be unjust, but he must also say whom he would be wronging. His best answer is that he would be wronging the Laws of Athens. The laws are a lot more persuasive than Crito because they focus on what is good for all the people in Anthens and not on what is good for only one
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