Importance of Effective Web Design

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Structure for web-design is not much different from structure for print design. Its organization and communication of the website that is both efficient and pleasing to the eye. Web design is sometimes more difficult because of the methods for navigation and massive amount of variables for user interface. Organization and unity are fundamental communication principles. Several characteristics of successful web design might be found within the website of Samata-Mason, a highly recognized design firm in Chicago. The splash or intro page is incredibly organized and the basics of image and text boxes hover above a clean background and are easily accessible on large or small monitor without having to scroll from the main page. (Samata-Mason website, 2008) (Compositional Hierarchy) Samata-Mason’s home page basically contains a hierarchy of three tiers that is accentuated by direction and size. The first rectangular image is perhaps the most vital component and is recognized as being the most important by its larger size. The second rectangle, this one being vertical, provides the user with a list of options and supports most of the page’s navigation. The third rectangle supplies information related to the options selected. This triangular layout is representative of a contemporary trend in web design and is generally regarded as a more user-friendly design concept (Bauer, 2005). (Structure) The size of the predominant aesthetic elements, the images and text boxes, is enjoyable. The menu box overlaps images on a semi-transparent block that is attached to the images and gives a sense of cohesion. Attention moves easily from the menu to the images and the information which is placed within the negative space. These movements are pleasing and maintain a focus on the page’s center, thus supporting a consistent and organized feel. The
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