Impact of Stress on Academic Success

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Stress is an inherent part of life, particularly in the lives of college students. Generally recognized for its detrimental effects on us, this backward thinking can be attributed to the initial studies on stress. Over time, research on stress has proven fruitful, as we now know that stress may plausibly have positive effects and beneficial applications to academics. In fact, more recent studies have shown that stress follows a curvilinear relationship with performance (Westman & Eden, 2007). As such, we are now aware that optimal levels of stress can enhance learning abilities but continual stress hinders normal bodily functions by weakening the immune system (Aldwin & Greenberger, 1987). However, the underlying factor that ultimately determines the impact of stress on academic success would be the individual’s ability to manage it. This is an indication that students’ academic performance is dependent on their perception of stress (Chambel & Curral, 2005). In order to have a balanced discussion, the sources of stress have been categorized into 4 main groups –intrapersonal, environmental, interpersonal and academic. This essay will elaborate on the relationship between these stressors and academic success of college students respectively. Firstly, in order to begin college studies, students are burdened by the high cost of college education. With this cost increasing, today’s new college graduate is likely to accumulate an average of USD$28, 400 in student loan debt when they enter the workforce (The Institute for College Access & Success [TICAS], 2014). This figure primarily reflects monies borrowed through formal education loan programs, omitting other debts incurred over the course of college studies. Putting psychological burdens of having debt aside, students may attempt to get a job or increase working hours in order to reduce said debt.
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