Impact of media on the political environment of Kenya

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Political environment and Media in Nairobi -their influence on each other Media is a booming industry in Nairobi. It forms an intricate part of the Kenyan government, intertwined with the practice of democracy. In a nutshell, we can say that the influence Media of any place has over the political environment of that place depends on the extent to which it impacts public opinion. To understand this several aspects of media coverage have to be explored. Three basic ways in which media influences politics are : Firstly media is Nairobi’s basic resource for all the news concerning African politics. Secondly, the opinion expressed by the press influences the opinion adopted by the public. Lastly the issues the media deem important help set the national agenda. Let us first throw light on the scope of Media in Nairobi, Kenya. Nairobi is home to most of Kenya's news and media organisations. The city is also home to East Africa's largest newspapers: the Daily Nation and the The Standard. These are circulated within Kenya and cover a range of domestic and regional issues. Both newspapers are published in English.. Kenya Television Network is the largest television station based in Nairobi. It generally broadcasts business news for Kenya and the continent. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, a state-run television and radio station, is also headquartered in the city. The Nation Newspaper also runs a TV Station that broadcasts from and is based in Nairobi. GTV launches expand to region- GTV a pan African pay Television has set up its African office in Kenya that will serve as the hub for the whole of the continent via satellite transmission to over 48 countries. GTV services across Africa will run through Gateway Broadcasting Services, a subsidiary of Gateway Communications that provides satellite infrastructure to most telecoms and corporations in Africa. Several
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