The Media's Influence On Presidential Campaigns

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The public opinion has taken its own course. With people so easily influenced, it is to change their thoughts in another direction. The media has a major control over our lives, especially in the presidential campaign. The four major items of impact are: television, newspapers, radio, and magazines. The media presents people with the political information necessary for choosing a President. People get most information on the candidates from the media and what comes from it people place their votes on. The media has a way to control our minds to favor a certain item. In this case it is political, the President. Since the television has been around, politics have been all over it. The first public display of television happened at the New York World’s Fair in 1939. President Franklin Roosevelt opened the fair on…show more content…
Radio soon became hugely popular. In the 1930’s radio was known to every American, people planned their whole lives around it. People got a chance to become aware of national and international politics. As the arrival of television came around, people assumed that it was the end of radio. Radio survived and still has. It is a primary source of news and political information. There are many radio talk hosts who cover the news, but stations find it hard to fit time in to cover the news. Most AM stations are with the national networks. Between a song here and there, people still find time to cover political progress. The media plays a very large role in shaping the needs some problems need from the government. Media does not tell what people to think, only what to think about. People rely on the public media for political information. Public media is only one person’s thought on the subject. To come up with your own based on facts, not propaganda, then people can make better choices. People can choose a strong leader who will take us out of the place we are
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