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Informative Speech on the Illuminati Purpose Statement: The purpose of this speech is to inform you on what the illuminati is and its effect on the music industry. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: What is wrong with the world we live in today? With all the chaos and natural disasters, can’t people live together in peace? World domination you say? Who are the master schemers behind them all in this broad mysterious world? Is it the government, the president, or the illuminati? Some of you may have your own solid answer to this question, but some may stop to ponder, wait, what is the illuminati? B. Thesis Statement: The goal for today is to make aware of a secret society better known as Free Mason, or the illuminati. C. Preview: Today I will inform you about what the illuminati really is, how it plays a huge role in the music industry, and different symbols and sacrifices artists have used or gone through in the past years. II. Body A. Point #1: What is the illuminati? 1. Example: The Illuminati Pyramid 2. Example: Meaning of 666 B. Point #2: Role in the music Industry 1. Example: Using Celebrity as puppets (Top dogs in Illuminati) 2. Example: Hidden subliminal messages & satanic lyrics in songs C. Point #3: Blood Sacrifices 1. Example: Michael Jackson’s Death 2. Example: Symbols of imitation into Illuminati III. Conclusion A. Thesis: I hope you have a better understanding on what the illuminati is and how it’s hidden in the music we listen to today. B. Main Points: I’ve talked about the true meaning of illuminati, how it has a major part in the music industry, and the meaning behind its symbols. C. Closing Statement: Maybe next time a tragedy happens, or we go through a loss of another great music legend, stop and think could the illuminati be behind this

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