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Name Chong Chun Ming Unit Code Unit Name Assignment Weightage Marker BUS317 Strategic Management Individual Assignment 20% Frankie Yee Criteria Weightage Student ID 31931388 Comments You have provided an excellent discussion of the various value chain activities with clear idnetification of the values created by these activities. Well done. A good discussion on how the external factors affect the values created by IKEA. There were also some good discussions on how IKEA could sustain its values. Marks awarded Value that is created is accurately identified 20% 17 Environment factors on which this value is based are identified and argument substantiated 20% 15 Some good core competencies identified. Competency is accurately identified 20% An excellent discussion on the sustainability of the competencies and the bases of competency were well defined. 16 Basis of competency, including linkages, is argued and substantiated 20% 18 Quality of research is high; visual presentation quality is high 10% Good presentation with good signposts and headings. Try to space out your work. Leave a line after each section or paragraph. Good references provided. 6 Referencing is good 10% 8 Total (out of 100) 80 16 Total (out of 20) Introduction IKEA, an international household brand, aims to provide high quality and innovative designed household products at an affordable price to its consumers. It has a global presence in 26 countries with 287 stores worldwide and its operations mostly concentrated in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Customers are attracted to IKEA’s one stop experience which provides home furnishing advices, office planning, restaurants and kids playroom for families. IKEA’s strong emphasis on providing stylish high quality products at low prices is one of the main reasons of its

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