The Ideal beauty

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In life, people can spend and eternity looking for “something better”, and most people will never find it. But in culture and society, the ideal beauty can be found in (or thought to be found in) dances, architecture, and even humans. The ‘ideal beauty’ is different to different people in different cultures. Some artists and designers find the ideal in traditional portraiture painting, while others find it in body art such as tattooing. African dance is a form of art in the African culture most commonly used to express feelings, wether they be joy or grief. African dances are not viewed as a separate form of art, but viewed as a whole complex of living ( African dances have been a form of communication and culture for thousands of years. The aesthetics in the African dances are how full of emotion and purity they are. The dances are very spontaneous but can are played out in a practiced manner. The dances can represent a death, a birth, or simply a celebration of life. The ideal beauty found within the dances is important to the culture solely based on their beliefs. Although it is not a work of art on a wall, the dances are a moving emotional piece of visual art. The dancing is not the only form of ‘art’ visible in the tradition; the body paint used and the traditional grass skirts are a part of the traditional art as well. I see beauty in the African dances, and I also see the ideal beauty found in them because of the actual movement and the way it brings the communities together. In some societies in the Minneapolis surrounding suburbs, guidelines are being placed on how a person can landscape their home. For example, my mother is a landscape designer, and while we were living in Brooklyn Park, a northern suburb, we were not allowed to have a dog kennel for our pets on the outside of our home. Some people viewed it as ‘offensive’ and it

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