Alexander Calder and Faith Ringgold

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Alexander Calder and Faith Ringgold

Both Alexander Calder and Faith Ringgold are staples in art history. Regardless of any adversities they faced in their lifetimes, they both pursued and lived their dreams to the fullest. Despite any lapses in time, both are still remembered today for their extraordinary talent and contributions to the art community.

Xandi and Faith both knew how to dream big. If they could dream it, they could make it. They both lived in the moment, taking inspiration from a variety of life’s elements. These artists were pioneers in different facets of art. Alexander Calder introduced kinetic movement to art, something that had never been done previously. Even Albert Einstein marveled over Xandi’s kinetic artwork. Faith Ringgold, on the other hand, introduced the element of painting quilts to art which allowed her to really fulfill her connection to her African and American culture. Her quilt pieces were sought after for their beauty and their simplicity of transporting them for exhibits.

Even though Calder and Ringgold are similar in a lot of ways, they still have quite a number of differences between them. Faith Ringgold pretty much always knew that she was going to be an artist. However, she faced a large number of adversities in becoming an artist due to being an African-American woman in a time where African-Americans and women were not respected. Despite being told no time and time again, she persevered and continued making art, and finally broke the mold and became a respected artist in the art community. Alexander Calder, even though he started making art when he was a child, didn’t initially choose art as his first career choice. He pursued a variety of educational opportunities and jobs before he chose to focus the majority of his time and effort to being an artist. He didn’t face a lot of the struggles Ringgold

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