Iago The Manipulator

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English 12CP/Period 7
26 February, 2012
Iago the Master Manipulator Othello is a Shakespearean play about a man betrayed by someone very close to him. In the play, Iago is a man under the command of the great Spanish General Othello. Since Iago is familiar with Othello’s nature, he is very easily able to manipulate Othello into believing whatever he tells him. Iago’s plan to manipulate Othello was to overwhelm him time after time, not allowing him any time to think anything through, or think logically. Iago is Othello’s ancient. Othello was very trusting of Iago, as was everyone else; because Iago never gave anybody reason to distrust him. Iago despises Othello because he gave the position of Lieutenant to Cassio, rather than to Iago. Iago begins to manipulate Othello into believing Desdemona; his beloved wife was having an affair with Cassio. Iago knows how Othello’s mind works, so he is easily able to make Othello believe every little lie he is told by Iago. Iago is able to use Othello’s pride against him. First, Iago puts the idea that Desdemona could possibly be having an affair with Cassio. Othello is in complete denial. Iago explains to Othello that he does not like the way Cassio and Desdemona act around each other, how Cassio was looking at her when they were talking alone, or how Cassio acted “guilty” when Iago and Othello walked in on them talking. Iago tells Othello that Desdemona will plead Cassio’s case, because they are intimate. Desdemona does indeed plead Cassio’s case, but only because he asked her to. Iago knows that even if he didn’t immediately believe these accusations, Othello would at least want to look further into it, because Othello was much too prideful to be made a cuckold. After Iago instills the fear of Desdemona cheating on Othello, Othello actually begins to doubt himself, which is a perfect
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