Dramatic Irony In J. B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

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JadeCheng The author of “An Inspector Calls” is J.B Priestly. This play was written in 1945 however set in 1912, before the two world wars and the sinking of the Titanic. The author explores the different views of responsibilties through each character. J.B Priestly begins the play around a dinner table, celebrating Shiela and Gerald’s engagement party, while Mr Birling is talking about how “It’s every man for himself”. Imediantly showing Mr Birling’s personality, which is selfish. Then he goes on and saying, “There isn’t a chance of war” this dramamtic irony leads the audience into looking forward to seeing Mr Birling being prove wrong. In addition, this shows Mr Birling’s thoughts on responsibilities are wrong. Saying this, the sudeience should not agree with him and his thoughts on responsibilies due to the examples of dramatic irony. After he had finished his speech on keeping labour cost down and profit high, Inspector Goole enters and throws a shocking news at the Birlings. A girl, Eva Smith has commited suicide; swallowed disinfectant and burnt her insides out. As it…show more content…
He gives a sly/ cunning impression; he shows this by saying to Sheila: Yes. We can keep it from him. This indicates that if he is able to hide secrets he will like the affair with Dasiy Renton, also known as Eva. As we, all know reading through the play Sheila knew nothing about the affair until Gerald was force to confess and come out with the truth. Gerald also hows some sympathy for Eva as he “Walks out distressed” when he hears how he is responsible for Eva’s death. However when he comes back, after Inspector Goole has left, with a piece of news; which was that the inpector was not an inspector. After finding out this piece of news, he then pretends nothing has happened and tries to give the ring back to Shiela. This shows he has forgotten everything he has learnt and he is just like Mr Birling so therefore his views on responsibilty is also
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