Macbeth - Condemn Him Or Sympathise With Him

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"Macbeth", one of William Shakespears most powerful and influential pieces of literature, and the basis of this argumentitive essay. During this piece of writing I will be comparing two sides to the character of Macbeth. Whether he is a good man at heart, or otherwise. From the beggining of the play to the end, Macbeth's actions are influenced massively by other people. At the start, Macbeth is portrayed as a valiant hero, he has recently came back from a victorious battle in which he played a major role. Macbeth's complete self-destruction originated with his encounter with the witches. After the witches first prediction for Macbeth becomes true in him being granted the title "Thane of Cawdor", Macbeth's ambition shines through and he quickly becomes interested in the witches predictions. This can be seen when Macbeth says "Macbeth quickly rises in power and begins to neglect his conscience. The witches seem to have total control over his mind and his behavior. They trigger Macbeth's destructive actions, which ultimately become his habit to kill. Macbeth's wrongdoing did not originate in his mind and soul, but rather resulted from him being a victim of circumstance and misfortune, and therefore, he at least deserves some degree of sympathy. Similary, Lady Macbeth's aggressive and ambitious nature is another key influence on Macbeth's behavior. Lady Macbeth constantly challenges her husband's manhood by mocking and taunting him into a state of . We can see this when she challanges Macbeth in saying """"""""" Since he fulfilled her order, he started losing his integrity and relying less on his conscience. It is easier to have sympathy for a person who is not entirely to blame for his actions. In Macbeth's case, his wife was at least partly responsible. However, even taking into consideration the pressure and harassment Macbeth is subjected to preceding

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