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IRS Controversy: What's the potential fallout? Yes, this news story goes in-depth and breadth. It goes around the controversy of the IRS saying that the IRS has ineffective management" led to IRS tea party targeting. "Despite repeated calls for cooperation, the agency failed to be completely truthful in its responses to the Committee during its nearly two-year long investigation of this matter, and in testimony before the committee," they wrote (Condon, May). While under the investigation the IRS has led Congress to believe that after lawmakers question the IRS over the undue scrutiny the agency put on conservative groups that filed for tax-exempt status during the 2012 elections, they'll want to take action -- to hold people accountable and eventually consider legislation to amend any systemic problems that led to this kind of political discrimination. The story offered perspective and no worldviews. Members of Congress are already questioning the IRS about the scandal behind closed doors, but the public line of questioning starts Wednesday, when Attorney General Eric Holder testifies before the House Judiciary Committee. Yes, there were some assumptions that the IRS was dealing under the table but the story did not go that far in-depth. The President stated in his speech that” IG is conducting a full investigation of the problem and that he cannot say what the…show more content…
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