I Too And Dream Deferred

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Analysis from a historical Perspective
Juan Severino
South University
Composition II/Literature
Brian Campbell

I have chosen I Too and Dream Deferred but they are other poems that you can pick and analyzes them in any way you want and still you going to back in history and compare. Langston Hughes Poems are intense are well put in the order that he starting writing them. I did a research on one of his poems (Let America Be America Again) and I was impress because it was moving and got that interpretation of the 18 century talking about slave and the segregation in the 50’s and when Rosa Park denied to sit in the back of the bus just because a white person want to sit right where she was sitting. In the poem, I Too it talks about a person that when it was time to eat they send he/him to the back or the kitchen and still he/her goes to the kitchen and with pride with no shame of being what he/she is. In those times the black people eat in the kitchen, and like in the restaurant, hospital, and other places have sign that tell where the black goes. During world war II African American endure hardship trough the war and even when they came home they were not recognize for their valor and service to the nation, it reminded me of two good or may I said excellent movies, “The Tuskegee Airman and Miracle in Santa Anna”. This Poem I Too and Dream Deferred is like a symbol of this movie, they are American Too just like I Too but still they came out strong even if they were to obey order from a white man that was their superior. That is in A Miracle in Santa Anna. In the poem Dream Deferred if you seen the movie the Tuskegee Airman is about this group of African American that joint the aircorp to become pilot for the army but like always prejudices get in their way but they made a bond like brothers and
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