Atlanta Compromise Speech Analysis

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Jason Smith Adam Valencic English 102 24 February 2014 Hold Up Wait a Minute: W.E.B. Du Bois response to Booker T. Washington’s “Atlanta Compromise” As the saying goes, “time cures all”. The views of two prominent and socially active Black Americans raised many an eyebrow after the Emancipation Proclamation. As always, it is rather easy to poke holes in another’s view or stance on an issue after it had be said. After the abolishment of slavery, Black intolerance was high and many Black Leaders used caution when addressing the masses of former Black slave owners and predominantly white leaders in America. Booker T. Washington’s’ “Atlanta Compromise” seemed to pave the way for recently freed Blacks in America. His address was a kind…show more content…
Du Bois stated this due to his, “observation over the last 10-15 years” and had noted years after the Emancipation Proclamation that, “the occurrence of Black disenfranchisement, the creation of distinct status of civil inferiority for Negros, and the withdrawal of aid to institutions educating Blacks” (Du Bois). Regardless of how well Washington’s speech may have been to his “intended audience”, Du Bois view of Blacks being passive, in regards to Washington’s speech, showed that little or if any consideration were given to Blacks in return of them giving up, “political power, insistence of civil rights, and higher education of Negro youth” (Du Bois). The action of Blacks giving what little they had to begin with, in order to pacify and fit in with his oppressor did not benefit them and seem very illogical to Du Bois during this time. Du Bois’ emotion is prevalent throughout his essay and also carried with it the feeling and emotions of many of Black Americans during that time. One must note that Du Bois’ critique of Washington’s address came only after the Washington’s Atlanta Compromise Speech and also that change was still a constant throughout the states at that time. Throughout the course of history, it has been seen that as civilizations become more educationally, technically, and socially progressive change eventually occurs. These all require time and wow, how the times have
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