What Are Tupac's Major Accomplishments

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Rap artist, actor 2Pac. Courtesy of Death Row Records Despite having achieved success as both a rapper and film actor, Tupac Shakur's notoriety among mainstream audiences had more to do with his outlaw image, which derived in large part from his frequent and high-profile scrapes with the law. Yet despite being sentenced to a prison term in 1995, he remained a presence on the music scene with a the hit album Me Against the World. In an interview he gave from behind bars, Shakur disavowed the "Thug Life" that had previously been his slogan of choice. "I'm going to show people my true intentions, and my true heart," he swore to Vibe. "I 'm going to show them the man that my mother raised. I'm going to make them all proud." Tragically, not…show more content…
They moved repeatedly, the rapper recalled, and each time "I had to reinvent myself. People think just because you born in the ghetto you gonna fit in. A little twist in your life and you don't fit in no matter what." He admitted to feeling "like my life could be destroyed at any moment." He took refuge in writing poetry; his mother tried to bolster his creative side by enrolling him in Harlem's 127th Street Ensemble, which was the site of Tupac's acting debut, as Travis in the play A Raisin in the Sun. It was here that the acting "bug" bit him. "I remember thinking, 'This is the best shit in the world!'" he…show more content…
He paved the way for his solo career while touring with D.U. "Everybody knew me even though my album wasn't out yet," he told Vibe. "I never went to bed. I was working it like a job. That was my number-one thing when I first got in the business. Everybody's gonna know me." Soon everyone would, though perhaps not as he might have hoped; his album's tough stance—in the increasingly popular "gansta" mode—created his first major controversy. I n April of 1992 a Texas state trooper was shot to death by a young man who later claimed to have been listening to Tupac's album and cited the track "Soulja's Story" as the impetus for his violent act. The song narrates a fugitive with "cops on my tail"; pulled over, he decides to "blast [the officer's] punk ass/Now I got a murder

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