I Am Glad I Said Yes.

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“I Am Glad That I Said Yes…..” It was a beautiful day of summer. I came home from a long day studying for the university entrance test at school. I used all my last energy run into the kitchen to find something to eat. Both mom and dad were there which was not a surprise because it was almost dinner time. But the atmosphere was a little bit strange as if there was a serious conversation just few seconds ago. Dad asked me to take a sit and he continued: “My little girl, what do you want to do when I graduate from university?” I was sort of surprised when he brought it up so suddenly, but I always knew what I wanted to be. “I want to work in tourism or be a manager at a resort.” I answered. “Do you want to finish your study in America?” Then it was a long pause. I looked at my mom she had not said a word the whole time but at that moment she looked conflicted in emotions and was like begging me to say “No”. Finally, I replied “Yes, Dad!”. It was not just an unthoughtful decision or an excitement for going to America – a dream come true of many many friends of mine. For me, it was a opportunity to prove what I believed in that women can be successful in the same field as man can. In Eastern culture where female are valued for traditional role of mother and housewife, women’s lives mostly end up getting married and staying home take care of the children no matter what education degree they have earned. Some have diploma, others have bachelor or even a master one. I have two older sisters; they were already married and moved out. I saw my “becoming ordinary future” in them clearly. They were not satisfied in their life but they were too afraid to take risks and make changes. All of that always made me want to do something big, something different to change the perspective of Eastern culture society in women. I got the accepted letter from the university that I wanted
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