Hurricanes in Florida

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Hurricanes in Florida Hurricanes are one of the biggest threats to Floridians throughout the months of June to November every year. Perhaps they are the most devastating natural disaster affecting the Earth today. They are capable of completely demolishing vast areas, causing trauma in neighborhoods and towns, and even killing people and animals. They also cause damage to the environment and the economy. These tremendous storms bring great harm to buildings and property, therefore costing millions of dollars, and hurting the Florida economy. Though people cannot stop hurricanes from coming into Florida, they can definitely take precautions when they know one is coming near them. They are one of the deadliest and costliest natural disasters around. With all the hurricanes and other storms that have happened in the past, though, people can now take even better precautions when expecting one, because they know of what a hurricane is capable of doing to the things around them. The term hurricane derives from the Taino Indian word huracan, which means evil spirit. The Taino Indian term hurican came from the Maya word Hurakan, which is the Greek God of storms and bad weather ( Hurricanes are intense tropical storms that originate over warm ocean waters, and usually begin as regular storms in the Caribbean or off the west coast of Africa ( The two main ingredients of a hurricane are warm water and moist warm air. Because the state is located near the tropics and winds blow towards it from the African coasts on the Equator, Florida is especially a susceptible place to hurricanes. When thunderstorms along the west coast of Africa travel out over warm ocean waters that have a temperature of at least eighty degrees Fahrenheit combine with winds from around the equator, a hurricane is formed (West). As the storm travels westward, it comes in
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