Humanity Against Frankenstein

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The humanity of Frankenstein Many people in society today are constantly being put down because of the way they present themselves. Whether it’s the way they dress, talk, or even walk society is always rejected its own kind. Now imagine a monster trying to fit into society. No matter if it was 200 years ago people are constantly being judged and treated differently because of their appearance. In Frankenstein the creature is constantly being rejected by every human that ever laid eyes on him. The creature has a horrific figure and grotesque appearance causing him to be excluded by all society. The qualities that make us human are at a pretty wide ranged, and definitely define who each individual human is. The creature is lacking not only looks from the human qualities but the way humans communicate and live. The qualities the creature lacks definitely justify his rejection and give him reasons to despise his creator and all humanity. The way humans live and communicate day to day has always been similar over the centuries. The way people treat each other for the most part is acceptable but there is a wide range of unacceptable behavior humans take on, and are careless to fix. In the novel Frankenstein, the creature is created by Victor Frankenstein, a man in desperate need of a male friend. Since Victor was a social outcast he decided to create a friend but instead created a monster. In his selfish needs he brought to life a creature made out of stolen body parts and unnatural chemicals. In doing this the monster was eight feet tall with yellow glowing skin, lustrous black hair, pearly white teeth, watery eyes and straight black lips(Bentley). This description leads us to believe that the monster is one hideous looking creature. Every person the monster ever comes into contact with is terrified of his image and unwilling to give him a chance. The first
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